Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kathy Dillon, Photographer Extraordinaire

In preparation for sending out the wedding invitations, we went on a special photo shoot with Mom. We wanted just the right shot to send out to our family and friends. The winner is first, but if you look at all these shots, you'll see why the guy at Walgreens wanted a release from our professional photographer!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Engagement Session, take two

Our awesome photographer Spencer Boerup took us out for a second session of engagement shots--since the excitement of getting engaged sort of overtook the previous session. We had a great time downtown and at Hi Corbett Field, and Spencer was wonderful!! Check out his stuff at

Sunday, April 12, 2009

...And He Proposed!

After the "year-ish" of dating, the next step became a topic of discussion, and the "M"-word loomed large. Certainly, there was a lot to figure out with each of us being of a different faith, but somehow we got there. ("Somehow" involved a lot of listening and counseling from parents, friends, siblings, church leaders, and anyone else who would listen. We owe you!)

Since we met on a flight from Tucson and spent hours getting to know each other in the airport, Jason thought it was the perfect place to pop the question. We went to the Tucson airport to take some "pre-engagement" pictures with photographer Spencer Boerup. Amanda wasn't sure it made a lot of sense to take pictures before she had a ring, or even a proposal, but Jason was persistent. After taking some fun shots throughout the airport, Spencer and Jason convinced Amanda to change clothes for some more pictures. When she came back after changing, they were gone. She headed down the escalator looking for them and saw Jason at the bottom holding a dozen roses and a sign that said "Mrs. Stremel?" When she made it to the bottom, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Since she had cried all down the escalator, the verbal answer wasn't that understandable, but there was some vigorous nodding. The Southwest Airlines staff and TSA workers at the airport clapped and cheered at what cannot possibly be a common occurence at the airport. Then they offered to get us through security to take pictures in the terminal, on the Tarmac, and even on a plane. It was amazing, and Spencer got awesome shots of the whole thing! Jason followed it all up with a surprise engagement party dinner with Amanda's family and a group of friends. It was such an incredible day!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One Thing Lead to Another....

We realize that it is ridiculous to condense over a year of dating into one post, but in the interest of time, we will try to do a little better than a "yada, yada, then he proposed." The first date was to PF Chang's for dinner, followed by a stroll through Christmas lights in Winterhaven. Date number two was dinner at North followed by a movie (National Treasure 2). Date number two was followed by a conversation Amanda loves to tease Jason about, where he indicated that he was only looking for friendship and did not plan on having a serious relationship. Clearly, this was a really effective plan ;) Amanda does love a challenge....

We won't take you date by date through the process, although Amanda probably could name what we were wearing on each of these evenings--and Jason probably remembers that we went somewhere and did something. The true start of “dating” is under dispute; one of us thinks this began when we started going on dates, and the other has a more nebulous idea where it followed “being friends” and “hanging out.” Regardless, it was an amazing year-ish which included trips to Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas for a wedding, Iowa, Texas, Albuquerque for the balloon festival, NASCAR, waterskiing on Canyon Lake, camping, surprise parties, halloween costumes, a half marathon, and more. We had a great time getting to know each other and building our relationship!